Things to do at Cherating, Pahang

Not many know that Cherating can be a great Holiday Destination, it has evolved to a great tourist location and there are many interesting things that can be done there. I had the opportunity to stay at Cherating Holiday Villa Hotels & Resort late last year for a work assignment as they were upgrading their property mangement system. During my 1 month stay, the Hotel GM and also a few colleague managed to take me around Cherating. Below are some of the interesting places.

Cherating Beach

The main reason to come to cherating is the beautiful beach, they are one of the cleanest beach you can find around this area. The cherating beach is quite long, and with the windy weather, it’s quite nice to stroll along the beach. The beach are also popular for Surfers, but this is usually during the Monsoon season (end of the year). The Cherating Holiday Villa was not that full during my stay, so not many hit the beach. There are also activities like Beach Volley ball and beach football that can be organised by the hotel itself. One can also have a picnic along the cherating beach.

Cherating Beach Volley Ball

Cherating Beach Volley Ball

Batik Paintings

You will realise as you reach the cherating area, just before passing by Holiday Villa Cherating and Legend Hotel, there are a few shops who sell batik printings. The Batiks are done with hand and not machine printed. Batik is one of Malaysia’s unique traditional fabric. One need to go through a series of repeated process of designing, waxing, dyeing, drying and boiling the cloth until you get the finished Batik cloth.  The process is quite delicate, so alot of patience is required but you will be amazed at the outcome. You can also try your skills at the Batik at one of the shops along Cherating Village.

Batik at Cherating

Batik at Cherating

Take A River Trip & Firefly

This is one of the things that you should consider doing when visiting Cherating. Taking the boat trip along Cherating river can be amazing and a great experience, the price is quite affordable too. During this boat trip, one will be able to see many wildlife including monkeys, snakes, lizards, and many sorts of birds.

At night, the river trip is also available, this is when they take you to see the Firefly along Cherating river. The view is spectacular, it only cost RM20 for the 1 hour trip.

Cherating River Boat Trip

Cherating River Boat Trip

Tea at Hai Peng Kemaman

Heading north to Terengganu, you will pass a town called Kemaman. Here at the Hai Peng Kemaman is where you can have a cup of strong coffee brew, with a couple of kaya buns. It is one of the oldest coffee making company in the region. A must go for coffee lovers. I recommend the Vietnamese coffee, warning you may not be able to sleep for 2 or 3 days after it :) .

Hai Peng Kemaman

Hai Peng Kemaman

Watch Turtle Hatch

This I did not actually get a change to see it, because it was not the season at that time. You will have to check with the local tourist information for more details. But cherating host one of the turtle sanctuary, a better one would be at Kuala Terengganu area. You will be lucky if there is any turtle at the first place, if you have a car travel on your own, but if yo are lazy to go around inform your hotel they will arrange for you if there is any turtle on that specfic day normally most of the cases tutle watching is only after 12 am.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

You will probably need 3 or 4 days at cherating to experience all of the above. Also recommended is their seafood. May not be very cheap, but you surely get fresh seafood there.

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  2. ajjah says:

    i went to cherating last year and went bored to the max…! :( thanks. now i know what to do if i ever go there again.. :)

    come n check out my tutorial yeah

  3. ken says:

    nice place.. my friend went there before.. but didnt hear about about it.. haha =)

  4. webmaster says:

    It’s not as chun as langkawi, but cherating is not too bad. Nice place to have some peace of mind :) And also some privacy if you’re taking a chic along.

  5. webmaster says:

    I went out with a bunch of friends, so it was not too bad. I guess it’s the company that makes the trip worthwhile sometimes.

  6. meoramri says:

    another beach holiday in the works!NANG ME

  7. webmaster says:

    Thanks Jesson :)

  8. kelvin says:

    I wanna go when i saw the words ‘fresh seafood’ XD

  9. webmaster says:

    Hahaha, yeah bro, you should try it. Especially their stuffed crabs.

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  13. Thanks for your inform. Will be exploring Cherating next week (During Hari Raya & National Day). Will try out the river cruise / boat trip and explore to see if there are any more interesting places there too. :)

  14. Ida says:

    I am going to Cherating next weekend for three days. Will be staying at one of the hotels, and it’s my first time. Hope there will be no rain, so that it will not ruin our plan. Heard that the beaches are nice and i am also looking forward to see Kemaman and get some souvenirs back home -typical girl’s :) .

    Thank you for sharing these tips.

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